1.          BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All applications for hire are subject to full compliance with the Regulations for Use. Booking refunds will only be permissible if the 4G Court is deemed to be unusable by the Proprietors.

2.          LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY: The Hirer (and any organisation or club which the Hirer represents) are personally and jointly and severally liable for ensuring strict compliance with the Regulations for Use throughout the Duration of Hire. The Hirer agrees to pay and to indemnify Writtle Sports and Social Club, its officers, members, employees and agents, against all loss, damage, costs and claims arising from non-compliance with these Regulations for Use and/or the Booking Terms and Conditions.

3.          FOOTWEAR: All footwear must be clean and free from mud. Only the following footwear is permitted:-

Football boots with moulded or screw-in stud;

Football boots with rubber blades

             No METAL or NYLON BLADES, no FLAT SOLED TRAINERS, no ASTRO BOOTS, no METAL STUDS, and no other footwear is permitted. Hirers are advised that any breach of this regulation is likely to cause serious damage to the Training Pitch the cost of which will be payable by the Hirer in accordance with Regulation 2.

4.          DRINKS AND FOOD: No drinks or food may be brought onto or consumed within the area of the Training Pitch. Drinks must be left on, and consumed in the spectator area only.

5.          SMOKING: Smoking/vaping is not permitted within the area of the Training Pitch or spectator area.

6.          DOGS: No dogs or other animals are permitted within the area of the Training Pitch or the spectator area.

7.          CONDUCT: The Hirer will ensure that all persons using the Training Pitch or spectator area uphold high standards of behaviour, and will not permit foul language, abusive, aggressive or other inappropriate behaviour.

8.          END OF HIRE PERIOD: The Hirer must vacate the Training Pitch and spectator area promptly at the end of the agreed hours of hire.

9.          FURTHER REGULATIONS:   The Hirer will immediately comply with any addition or variation to the Regulations for Use as notified or directed (verbally or in writing) by any Officer or Committee Member of Writtle Sports and Social Club.


The Sports & Social Club has been at the heart of the community of Writtle for nearly 50 years.

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